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Athleisure - Why we serve more than just the activewear market


Here at GOYZ you can find content on the latest tips and trends in the health, fitness and fashion sector. Read our blog for reviews, suggestions and a guide to live a healthier life!

Athleisure - Why we serve more than just the activewear market


Athleisure vs. Activewear

Whether you've heard the term athleisure or not sure what it is, athleisure apparel is clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities such as work, casual or social occasions. Compared to activewear, athleisure is more than sportwear; matching comfort with style so that it can be worn both in and out of the gym. Athleisure apparel provides more convenience to consumers which allows more functionality and use.

Get Out Your Zone athleisure offerings

Get Out Your Zone sells athleisure apparel, providing a stance in an underserved community where consumers want function, style and comfort at affordable prices. With more individuals wanting to live healthier lives, our apparel allows them to look and feel good no matter what the occasion. SHOP NOW with us to be apart of the movement. 

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